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The Audi car brand is known for quality that comes from german design and engineering. Audi has a full line of vehicles, from the A- series coupes and sedans,  Q – series luxury SUV’s, a full line up of electric models, the sporty TT series, and the horsepower R8’s, each car is made with one clear goal in mind, to deliver a car that is not only pleasant to view, but it is also a thrill to drive. The cars deliver up-graded interiors and driving performance not always standard in American vehicles.

When considering a vehicle, safety and reliability are two important factors. First, Audi takes passenger safety seriously; their safety ratings prove so.  Next, reliability is a major factor. A beautiful vehicle that spends more time in a service bay than on the road is not only a disappointment but can turn into an energy-consuming headache quickly.  The best place to view the reliability of any vehicle is at consumer reports. Here overall, most models earn top reviews.

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