What is an Auto Broker?

The answer is simple. An auto broker is a professional that helps you get the best deal on all your auto transactions. Think of an auto broker as an authority in the auto industry. Most people automatically think of an online car broker, new car broker or auto leasing broker that only helps with a new car lease or car purchase, however a full-service auto broker is so much more than just a car buying service. In addition, they will also help you with your auto lease return, help you sell your car, or work to get you the best value on your trade-in. Evans Auto Brokerage & Sales offers all of those services. An auto brokers job is to help you save money no matter what type of transaction you are involved in.

The difference between a traditional dealership employee and an auto broker is that you are hiring a professional representative, he works with your best interest in mind. Car dealers hire teams of salespeople to represent them; they use sales tactics designed to achieve their primary goal, to sell the cars the dealer has in inventory and to negotiate a deal on your trade-in in a way they can sell that car for a profit. They are limited by what the car dealer has in stock or can order from the manufacturer if you feel like waiting. Buying a car should not mean settling for what the dealer has in stock, you deserve the car you want. Being a car buyer you deserve a great experience that includes 5-star customer service that includes answering all of your auto questions.

As a California auto broker, Evans Auto Brokerage and Sales can help you buy or lease any new vehicle, help you sell your car or buy it directly from you. Most importantly an Evans Auto Broker represents you to the auto industry, with no inventory to be concerned about all our focus is on you the customer. At Evans Auto Brokerage our only concern is your satisfaction.

So how does it work?

At Evans Auto Brokerage & Sales, you are in the driver’s seat. You tell us what car you want, including trim package, exterior, and interior color. Give us your want list of must-haves, right down to how many cup holders and the panoramic sunroof. We will work with our network of major brand dealers to find the car, the exact car you requested. Our network allows us to find any vehicle new, any make or model. When considering financing for your new car you can choose from either option, lease or finance.

Once we locate your perfect car, a test drive is available for you with us there to ensure you feel empowered and in good hands by having your auto expert at your side to answer any questions you may have. Next we review the financing options with the finance manager and inform you of any new lease deals or finance offers on your chosen car. Our job is to ensure you get the best deal (great deal) you can in your car and protect your best interests.

After we have confirmed that you are getting the car at the price and monthly payments you requested we will sit down with you and answer all the questions you may have.

Now for the big moment, you can drive off in your beautiful new car or we can have it delivered to your home or office

In a nutshell, we make sure there are no games when it comes time to sign the papers. You tell us the car you want, we search through all of our dealers, negotiate the best price and have the car delivered to you at home or work. What could be simpler?


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