Is your auto lease almost ending?

A lease is a great way to experience a new car.  Typically a car lease comes with a lower payment and a maintenance package included.  However, like most good things they do come to an end. So now what?

Have questions on how best to handle the situation?

The Professionals at Evans Auto Brokerage can help you.

Evans Auto Accepts Car lease returns in Thousand Oaks, Ca
  • Should I return the vehicle to the dealer I bought it from?

No, you can have us at Evans Auto Brokerage take care of everything for you.
There is no need to return it to dealer or brand you bought it from. Our helpful
and friendly staff will do everything for you so that the return is done correctly
to avoid any additional charges or penalties.

  • I am over my miles. What can I do?

In some cases Evans can buy your leased auto so you don’t have to pay for
any of those extra miles.

  • I didn’t drive my car very much, so the mileage is really low.

Low miles on your lease return is an advantage. We can often use that as a credit
towards your downpayment on your next lease.

  • My lease is not up for 3 months but I want a new car now. What can be done?

Here at Evans Auto Brokerage your satisfaction and happiness is our goal.
We have been able to get people out of their leases some as much as 12 months
early and into a new car.

  • My lease is up. Do I have to buy the vehicle?

You are not obligated to buy the car. In fact, many use that as an opportunity to
obtain a new vehicle. With technology and safety advances that are taking place at
such a rapid pace, a new vehicle may be the best option for you. Our Auto Brokers
are willing to go over all your options with you. With so many cars and trucks
available, a new vehicle with the latest technology may fit your needs. Whether you are looking to lease again or buy, we can help you with your lease return. We work with all major car brands.

Time to Buy a car

After you return your leased car, you probably need to replace it with another one. Some people want to lease again. Others feel they would instead like to purchase a vehicle. Either way, Evans has you covered.

We help our customers return their leased vehicles and help you buy your next car. Our auto brokers have helped many customers in both returning leases and obtaining their next vehicle. As auto brokers, we listen to your needs; then custom tailors our services to fulfill your wants and needs. We can assist you in obtaining cars from any major brand.

Instead of returning your car to one brand, then looking at another brand working with an Evans auto broker allows you the peace of mind of dealing with only one car expert. Our job is to make car transactions simple, quick, and effortless.  We can that the Evans Way!


Speak with one of our professional staff members to get quick answers to your questions.

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