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8 Tips for Buying a 2019 Model Car During the Holidays

Now is the best time to buy a 2019 model car. Author: Benjamin Rangel All year you watched, researched and patiently waited. Now is the time savvy buyers like you, make their 2019 model car purchase. They know that late December and early January are good times for great deals because dealers are eager to […]


Tips on How to Save Fuel

Author: Benjamin Rangel Tips on getting the most out of a tank of gas   California is known for having some of the most expensive gas prices in the nation. However, in the fall and winter months, prices typically come down a bit. Not so this year with gas prices sky-high, most individuals who drive […]


2019 Volkswagen Beetle Final Edition

2019 THE LAST RUN OF THE VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE November 28, 2018 By Amanda Flores Today’s debut of the iconic 7th generation of the world-renown “Beetle” was bittersweet, as this is the final edition per Volkswagen. In its final production run the Bettle with coming in four models with a standard automatic transmission with Tiptronic® in […]